Aug. 1st-4th   Invited keynote speaker, Re-membering and Resisting: Gender in Darkening Times, Rising Tides of Challenge  and Hope: Healing Identity, in Society, Groups and Individuals, IAGP, International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, Malmö, Sweden.

July 6th paper, Sexual Counter-Revolution: Sexism, Homophobia and the New Right, Feminist Views from Somewhere conference, A psychosocial enquiry into depth psychology and feminism, International Association of Jungian Studies, Confederation for Analytical Psychology, and Dept of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, Amnesty International Bldg, Shoreditch, London programme

June 6th, invited speaker, Fordommer, samfunn og det ubevisste (Prejudice, society and the unconscious, Institutt for Psykoterapi, Oslo

May 18th-20th paper, Austerity, Time and the Common World, Psychoanalysis and Politics, Psychodynamics in Times of Austerity, international conference in the Portuguese Psychoanalytic Society, Lisbon.

April 25th paper, Language, Dehumanisation, Rehumanisation, presented at a Psychoanalysis and Politics event with the same title, Litteraturhuset, Oslo.

April 5th-7th paper, Sexual Counter-Revolution: Sexism, Homophobia and the New Right, ‘Psychosocial Reflections on a Half Century of Cultural Revolution:The 50th anniversary of seasons of love and protest’, Association for Psychosocial Studies Biennial conference, Bournemouth, UK.



Nov.  4th    Invitespeaker, Spaces foengagement,  in  a session  with  Andrew  Samuels,  Political  Engagement, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy NOW 2017, by The British Psychoanalytic Council, London.

Nov. 11th  Invited speaker, Introduction to racism, Medecins sans frontiers, Scandinavian branch, Sandvika, Norway.

Sept.  23rd    paper, Makt og implisitt diskriminering (Power and implicit discrimination),  Normalisering  av  rasisme (Normalisation of racism, a conference I put on), Litteraturhuset, Oslo.

May 25th-28th  Invited speaker, Fascismens fascinasjon, På kanten, Den norske filosofifestivalen i Kragerø.

March 31st-April 2nd  paper, Unconscious Fear, Authoritarianism, and Experience, Psychoanalysis and Politics – Anxious Encounters and Forces of Fear, International conference in the Paris Psychoanalytical Society (SPP).



Nov  7th    Invited speaker, The Other, Belonging and Dignity,  The  Meaning  of  Refuge,  Institute  for  the Humanities, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.  Link to the programme

Oct 27th-30th  Invited panellist, panel on racism, Grenseløs (Without borders), Globalisation conference, Oslo, Norway. Link to the programme

May 6th-8th  paper, Solidarity and Structures of Difference, Psychoanalysis and Politics – Solidarity and Alienation: Social Structures of Hope and Despair. International conference in the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society (WPV).

March 7th  Invited speaker, Violence and the Social Unconscious: Overcoming or not Overcoming the Individual/Social Distinction, in Interdisciplinary Series in Psychoanalysis St. John’s College, University of Oxford, UK. Link to the series


Nov 16th paper, Violence and the Social Unconscious: Overcoming or not Overcoming the Individual/Social Distinction, in Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory and the Psychosocial, A seminar series by Psychoanalysis and Politics at the Marx House, London. Link to the series

Nov. 6th-7th Invited speaker, The Other and the Web of Exclusion, in  41st Winter Workshop: Exploring Fundamental Fears in Our Groups, Group Analytic Society International, London. Link

Oct. 30th-31st Invited speaker, The engagement of psychoanalysis: Nic Waal and the Edith Jacobson case, in Psycho-Politics: The Cross-Sections of Science and Ideology in the History of Psy-Sciences. International conference organized by the Social and Cultural Psychology Group of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Central European University, Budapest. Link to the conference

Oct. 9th-10th Invited speaker, Plurality and the public in a mass age, in Filosofien og grensen III: Det offentlige – Det private (Philosophy and the boundary III: The public – the private), with a focus on Hannah Arendt.  Bergensnettverket for kvinner i filosofi (The Bergen network for women in philosophy), Bergen Link to the programme

May 29th-30th Invited keynote speaker, “Prejudice, Exclusion and the Social Unconscious” Belgianvooraankondiging2de School for Psychoanalysis 50th Anniversary conference, La Psychanalyse en des temps mouvementés, La psychanalyse en movement/ Psychoanalyse in bewogen tijden, Psychoanalyse in beweging (Psychoanalysis in Turbulent times, Psychoanalysis in Movement), Brussels. Org. by Johan de Groef, President. Other Keynote speakers: François Ansermet, Albert Ciccone, Siri Hustvedt.

April 31st-May 1st Paper, “Beyond Intentions – Complicity, Discrimination and Political Responsibility” International conference, Understanding Conflict: Forms & Legacies of Violence research cluster, University of Brighton.

March 20th-22nd Paper, “Invisible Strangers and Uncommon Sense”  Psychoanalysis and Politics – Migration, Exile and Polyphonic Spaces. International conference in the Spanish Psychoanalytical Society, Barcelona.

March 4th Invited speaker, “Primary Process Logic and Prejudice” Philosophy and Psychotherapy workshop, org. by Phil Hutchkinson and Marie Chollier, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Jan. 22nd Invited speaker, “A Phenomenology of Prejudice – Subjectivity and Social Forces”, by the research project Perceptions of the Other: Aesthetics, Ethics and Prejudice, Cecilia Sjöholm and Nicholas Smith, Dep. Of Philosophy, Södertörn University, Stockholm.


Dec 16th-17th 2014 Presented the paper Speech, repetition, Renewal as part of a two-paper panel Hate Speech and the Internet – Phenomenological and depth-hermeneutic approaches to a salient socio-political issue with media researcher Steffen Krüger at the 1st Association for Psychosocial Studies conference, Psychosocial Connections, Practice, Policy and Research, University of Central Lancashire, UK. Organised by the Association for Psychosocial Studies.

Nov 15th 2014 Invited speaker – presented the paper Prejudice as Sociallybigstock_Discrimination_Creative_Concep_cropped Unconscious at the Freud Museum international conference The Roots of Prejudice: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis. With philosopher Brian Klug, group analyst Farhad Dalal and psychoanalyst Aisha Abbasi. Co-organised with Ivan Ward at The Freud Museum, London.  Link to the programme

Sept 13th 2014 Invited speaker – gave a lecture on a psychoanalytically informed Oslo Agoraethics based on my article in the journal Agora in a public seminar to celebrate the special issue on psychoanalysis. With the psychoanalysts Tonya S. Madsen, Siri Gullestad, Sverre Varvin and Svein Haugsgjerd the authors Dag Solstad and Vigdis Hjort and the literary theorist Kaja Skjerven Mollerin. Organised by the Norwegian Psychoanalytic Society and the journal Agora. Link to the programme

May 27th 2014 Invited speaker and panellist – gave a lecture on hate speech in relation to the political situation in Norway. Participated in a panel debate with Sven Egil Omdal (journalist), Florence Aryanik (debater), Christian Tonning Rise (the Think tank Civita), Michael Tetzschner, (MP, the Conservative Party), chair: Marie Simonsen (columnist, political editor Dagbladet newspaper).  Organised by the Equality and discrimination ombud, Norway, opening by the ombud Sunniva Ørstavik. Link to the text of the lecture

May 9th-11th 2014 “Speech, Repetition, Renewal” paper presented at the international conference Psychoanalysis and Politics – Rhetorics of Power and Freedom of Thought, held at the Centre for Advanced Study, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

April 7th 2014 Invited lecture – Prejudice – a Psychoanalytic View. Org, by Aning, Association for Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, Lund, Sweden.

February 18th 2014 Invited panellist – Panel on Psychoanalysis and Social Critique to celebrate the special issue of the journal Fronesis on the psyche.Gothenburg With Lene Auestad, Emma Engdahl (sociologist), Irene Matthis (psychoanalyst), chair: Per-Anders Svard (political scientist). ABF Gothenburg, Sweden.

January 15th 2014 Book seminar about Lene Auestad ed. Nationalism and the Body Politic: Psychoanalysis and the Rise of Ethnocentrism and Xenophobia, Karnac 2014, and Psychoanalysis and Politics: Exclusion and the Politics of Representation, Karnac 2012. With Lene Auestad, Earl Hopper, Julia Borossa, Margarita Palacios, Caroline Rooney and Jonathan Davidoff, at The Freud Museum, London, UK.


Sept. 11th-13th 2013 “Public Memory and Figures of Fragmentation” paper presented at CAPPE, Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics annual conference: Representation, Politics and Violence. International conference at the University of Brighton, UK.

March 15th-17th 2013 “Responsibility and the Unconscious. Sketches for a Psychoanalytically Informed Ethics”, paper presented at Psychoanalyis and Politics – Eruptions, Disruptions and Returns of the Repressed. International conference in Helsinki, Finland.


Nov. 30th-Dec. 2nd 2012 “Public Memory and Figures of Fragmentation” paper presented at Prix Irene Conference 2012, ‘Trauma – Dream – Consciousness: Traumatised Groups – Healing – Identity. International conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Oct. 19th-20th 2012 “Layers of Time, Gaps in Memory and Dimensions of Meaning”. paper presented at Psychoanalysis and Politics – Shared Traumas, Silent Loss, Public and Private Mourning. International conference in the British Psychoanalytic Society, London, UK.

June 7th-9th 2012 “To think or not to think – A phenomenological and psychoanalytic perspective on experience, thinking and creativity”, paper presented at The Tenth Annual Conference of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology (NoSP) at the University of Oslo, Norway, as part of a panel on “Hannah Arendt’s Phenomenology of the Mental Activities: Thinking, Judging, and Willing” together with Helgard Mahrdt on judging and Wolfgang Heuer on willing.

March 9th-11th 2012 “Public Memory and Figures of Fragmentation” paper presented at Shared Traumas, Silent Loss, Public and Private Mourning. International conference in Stockholm, Sweden.


July 31st –Aug. 7th 2011 “Basic Trust and Alienation, or ‘We have nothing to Reproach Ourselves With'”, paper presented at Psychoanalysis and Politics – Narrativity and Political Imaginaries, International conference in Falsterbo, Sweden.

10th–11th June 2011 “Basic Trust and Alienation, or ‘We have nothing to Reproach Ourselves With'”, paper presented at Affect, Subjectivity and Social Order/Disorder – The 4th conference of the Psychosocial Studies Network, International conference in Brighton, UK.

March 25th–27th 2011 “Likeness and Idealisation”, paper presented at Psychoanalysis and Politics – Nationalism and the Body Politic, International conference in Oslo, Norway.


July 10th–11th 2010 “Subjectivity and Absence: Prejudice as a Psychosocial Theme”, paper presented at Self, Psychoanalysis and Society in the 21st Century, RC36 Symposium, International Sociological Association, international conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Org. by Lauren Langman, Professor of Sociology at Loyola University, Chicago, USA.

March 19th–21st 2010 “Subjectivity and Absence: Prejudice as a Psychosocial Theme”, paper presented at Psychoanalysis and Politics – Exclusion and the Politics of Representation, International conference in Copenhagen, Denmark..

Jan. 28th–29th 2010 “Subjectivity and Absence: Prejudice as a Psychosocial Theme”, paper presented at Psychosocial Studies 3rd Network Conference, ‘The Psychosocial Imagination’, International conference at University of East London, UK. Org. by Heather Price, Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.


Dec. 4th–5th 2009        “To Think or Not to Think – A Phenomenological and Psychoanalytic Perspective on Experience, Thinking and Creativity”, paper presented at Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Teaching and Learning. International conference in Canterbury, UK. Org. by Alan Bainbridge, Senior Lecturer, Department of Childhood Studies and Linden West, Director of Research Development, The Faculty of Education, Canterbury University.

July 19th–26th 2009 “Ambivalence and Creation: The Question of Autonomy from the Point of view of Object-Relations”, paper presented at NSU, Circle 8: Creation, Rationality and Autonomy. Nordic/international conference in Tyrifjord, Norway. Org. by Ingerid Straume, Research Fellow, Educational Research, University of Oslo and Anders Ramsay, Lecturer, Sociology, University of Lund, Sweden.


July 20th–27th 2008 “Containment and Social Defences. The Individual and the Social in the British Tradition of Psychoanalysis”, paper presented at NSU, Circle 8: Creation, Rationality and Autonomy, Nordic/international conference in Brandbjerg, Denmark.


July 22nd–29th 2007 “Adaptation, Integration and Experience. The Authoritarian Personality and Psychoanalysis”, paper presented at paper presented at NSU, Circle 8: Creation, Rationality and Autonomy, Nordic/international conference in Wik, Sweden.

April 15th 2007 “Et nytt blikk på Arendts Eichmann” (“A Second Look at Arendt’s Eichmann”). Public lecture, ‘Sunday Lecture Series’, Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities, Oslo.


Aug. 25th–27th 2005 “Emotions and the Value of Object-Attachment. Nussbaum and Klein on Emotions and the Human Good”, paper presented at Emotions, Others and the Self, International conference in Åbo/Turku, Finland, by the Dept. of Philosophy, Åbo University, Finland.

Papers presented at conferences before 2005 are not included.