Books authored and edited by Lene Auestad

2017 Traces of Violence and Freedom of Thought Edited with Amal Treacher Kabesh. Studies in the Psychosocial series, Palgrave Macmillan.

2017Shared Traumas, Silent Loss, Public and Private Mourning Edited. Karnac/ Routledge.

2015Respect, Plurality, and Prejudice: A Psychoanalytical and Philosophical Enquiry into the Dynamics of Social Exclusion and Discrimination Single-authored. Karnac/ Routledge.

2014Nationalism and the Body Politic: Psychoanalysis and the Rise of Ethnocentrism and Xenophobia Edited. New Library of Group Analysis Series. Karnac/ Routledge.

2012Psychoanalysis and Politics: Exclusion and the Politics of Representation Edited. Karnac/ Routledge.

2010Handling, Frihet, Humanitet. Møter med Hannah Arendt Edited with Helgard Mahrdt. Fagbokforlaget.